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Tips & advice for small business owners – Video Series

Firstly, starting a company can be daunting, and it has its ups and downs! We know words of encouragement and first hand advice can help in difficult times.

In this video series, these business owners are here to guide and advise you whether you are just getting started with your new business enterprise or want to expand your company. Have a listen in to hear all the small business tips that no one ever tells you!

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"There's Nothing Small About My Business"

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. We will be profiling business owners as they take us on a journey into their industries. “There’s Nothing Small About My Business” series highlights entrepreneur struggles, success stories, advice and above all, the importance of perseverance.

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Overcome the challenge of funding, Episode 1

Meet Kashnie Naidoo. CEO and Founder of Crescent Compliance Solutions. We interviewed her in the hope of understanding what it takes to be a successful business owner and also how to overcome the challenges of funding.


Winning with passion, team and clients, Episode 2

Meet Maurice Lau. CEO and founder of Silicon Burg. Maurice addresses the importance of passion, building the right team, and identifying clients.


Networking and importance of brand image, Episode 3

Meet Brent Spilkin (Spillly). CEO and Business Coach of Growing Pains. Brent focuses on the importance of networking, creating brand ambassadors and how small businesses contribute to empowering not only South Africa, but the world.


Power of being tech savvy, Episode 4

Meet Evans Parson. CEO and Founder of Vensy e-Mall. Evans is a Techpreneur and believes technology is the key to business innovation and development. Furthermore, He aims to build the biggest e-commerce platform in Africa by leveraging on the power of AI.


Creating your own entrepreneurial path, Episode 5

Meet Joseph MeCuur. CEO and Co-founder of 4JB Investment Holdings. Joseph driving force is to employ unemployed individuals and believes that relationships are very important on the entrepreneurial journey without a blueprint.

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