Who We Are

Enhancing your business so you can focus on what matters most!

At M-inent, we believe that the 3 most important functions, apart from your core operations, are your finances, your people and your ability to reach and interact with your clients.

We will ensure that your finance function receives the attention it deserves and in addition, we work alongside you to ensure that your finance and business strategies are aligned and our dedicated Qualified Accountants are always available to help to get you to the top.

In addition, we maintain a network of experts that can further assist in helping you attract and maintain the right people within your business, as well as help you reach and interact with your clients. Book now!


Our Team


Bailey Corder

Operations Lead, UK

Bailey is a Qualified Accountant. She set up our UK operations from scratch & has the skills and experience to assist with any small business in any stage of their operations.


Jerome Booysen

Operations Lead, SA

Jerome is a Qualified Accountant with an entrepreneurial mindset & a passion for businesses. His skills make him a perfect partner to provide a wide range of solutions to any small business need.


Zane Orton

Client Manager, SA

Zane is a skilled Advisory Manager and Accountant that is a key player in M-inent South Africa. Zane has done it all, from ground-level data processing to financial statements for large corporates.

Isla Ridland

Digital Lead

Isla has experience in digital marketing and design. Isla is responsible for social media management, website management and design, video editing and other graphic design projects.


Wilfrid Losseny

IT Support

Wilfrid is the IT Consultant with a passion in evolving with technology, while working on technology to produce efficiencies and ensuring that the team is constantly innovating.