M-inent vision is based on growth, synergy, awareness, optimisation and diversification of our clients servicing needs.


Our mission is to provide excellent and professional services, through an unwavering commitment to not only support our clients’ business, but also enhance the level of their operations.


We strive to create meaningful relationships with our customers, uplift our communities and enhance our employees careers.

Enhancing your finance


so you can

focus on what matters most,

your business!

M-inent has a core focus of providing Finance, Human Capital and Digital solutions to a variety of clients. 

With offices based in South Africa and the United Kingdom, we are able to service clients both locally and internationally.


Meet the Team!

At M-inent, we believe that the 3 most important functions, apart from your core operations, are your finances, your people and your ability to reach and interact with your clients utilising the IT resources available in today’s day and age.

Having garnered experience in these areas not only in the growth of our own businesses, but also the businesses of our clients, we provide cost effective solutions tailor made to you…

Here is the team making it all possible!


Bailey Corder: Operations Lead, UK

Bailey has been with the M-inent team since day one in November 2018.
Bailey qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2016 and following that worked in different industries providing a variety of advisory services to large clients. Bailey changed her focus to smaller businesses and has set up our UK operations from scratch. Combining this knowledge and experience in a variety of industries, she has the skills and experience to assist with any small business in any stage of their operations.


Jerome Booysen: Operations Lead, SA

Jerome has over 12 years experience in various industries. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and his passion for businesses in South Africa let him to join M-inent.
His skills make him a perfect partner to provide a wide range of solutions to any small business need.


Zane Orton: Client Manager, SA

Zane is our resident Recon King. He has worked in auditing and finance,
on both large and medium sized entities, over a wide array of industries.
He is a skilled advisory manager that is a key player in M-inent South Africa. Zane has done it all, from ground-level data processing to financial statements for large corporates.


Jose Mkhize: Digital Marketing Manager, SA

Jose is responsible for developing and carrying out digital marketing campaigns. Jose helps clients develop effective and efficient marketing strategies. He is passionate about the promotion of products and services, helping companies increase their sales and inspire brand loyalty. He has website development experience and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing shifting digital marketing space.

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