Assist Your Employees During Lockdown With Debt Therapy

The COVID-19 imposed lockdown has placed massive financial strain on many businesses which in turn may effect the financial status of their employees.

This leads to various factors including:

  • Employees seeking loans with their employer.
  • Employees seeking short term loans with high interest rates that negatively impact them in the long run.
  • Employees not being able to fulfil their duties due to financial strain for example not having enough money for¬†transport/fuel.
  • The stress of their situation can and will adversely effect your business.

Debt Therapy can communicate with your employee on your behalf in order to assist them with their debt review process.


  1. This gives the employer a measure of control in assisting their staff.
  2. It gives the staff peace of mind that the employer has their wellbeing in mind.
  3. And finally, we provide an immediate and sustainable solution to your employees financial distress.