Impact of COVID-19 on the Rugby Playing Nations

Infographic Books utilises high quality Infographics to Visualise Rugby World Cup Statistics and Information since the inception of the Tournament in 1987. QR Codes are also used to enable the opening of URLs that provide additional information from the internet

The local and international release of the book was planned for the second quarter of 2020, but the impact on rugby by COVID-19 generated doubt in terms of the expected success.  

An additional chapter is now added to the book in graphical (infographic) format with an extensive analysis of the impact of C-19 on the rugby playing nations which include Italy and the USA as well as New Zealand where the Woman’s Rugby World Cup takes place next year in 2021.

Infographic Books expand into the digital world and joined up with Sport Entertainment International (SEI) where I now do 2 minute video recordings of the statistics that has been documented and depicted in the book already and make it available on the SEI platform, as well as on additional channels and devices like Facebook and YouTube.